Voices Only 2006

Voices Only returns bigger and better with Voices Only 2006. At 35 songs, VO2006 has 16% more music for the same low price! Some of your favorite groups have returned with all new tracks, while you'll find more groups you may not have heard of, as well as some songs from amazing debut albums!

On Voices Only 2006 you'll find groups such as the Stanford Harmonics, Tufts Beelzebubs, Michigan Dicks & Janes, Virginia Sil'hooettes, York WIBI and UCLA Awaken covering songs from such popular artists as The Gorillaz, Black Eyed Peas, Kelly Clarkson, Natasha Bedingfield, Nelly Furtado and The Killers.

While we have long since sold out our stock of Voices Only 2006, it's possible a few copies are still floating around. If you're looking for a copy, check with the groups who appear on the album - perhaps they still have a copy they'd be willing to sell you!

Voices Only 2006 Track List
Disc 1
1. Feel Good Inc. Colorado College The Back Row
2. Headstrong Stanford Harmonics
3. Don't Lie UGA Accidentals
4. Human Nature Toronto Onoscatopoeia
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes Stanford Counterpoint
6. Epiphany* Tufts University Beelzebubs
  *2006 CARA Award Winner for Best Male Collegiate Solo
*From 2006 CARA Award Winner for Best Male Collegiate Album
7. Volcano Penn Counterparts
8. Proud UCSB Naked Voices
9. Vogue Wisconsin Tangled Up In Blue
10. Meaning Harvard Opportunes
11. Hide and Seek Northwestern X-Factors
12. Fast As You Can Harvard Lowkeys
13. Climb On USC Reverse Osmosis
14. Hallelujah Northwestern Freshman Fifteen
15. Unwritten Georgia Tech Nothin' But Treble
16. When You Wish Upon A Star Texas A&M Apotheosis
17. Train Wreck (Treymix) Michigan Dicks & Janes
Disc 2
1. The Way You Move Richmond Octaves
2. Mr. Brightside Duke Rhythm & Blue
3. Used 2 Love U Davidson Generals
4. Don't Cha Wanna Ride UVA Sil'hooettes
5. Pop Stars Northwestern Purple Haze
6. Try UPenn Penny Loafers
7. Together Wisconsin Eau-Claire Fifth Element
8. One More Day York WIBI
9. Scar UCLA Awaken
10. Knocks Me Off My Feet Dartmouth Aires
11. Rafiki JMU Overtones
12. Stupid Duke Out Of The Blue
13. Counting Blue Cars James Madison Project
14. Geek in the Pink Dartmouth Dodecaphonics
15. Nothing Better (Original) Michigan State Spartan Dischords
16. Accidentally In Love Wellesley Tupelos
17. If I Ain't Got You* UCLA Random Voices
  *2006 CARA Award Winner for Best Female Collegiate Solo
*From 2006 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Female Collegiate Album
18. Up On The Roof UW Mad Hatters
Voices Only 2006
Voices Only Productions
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