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Now in it's second decade, Voices Only returns with it's sixth incarnation - Voices Only 2010! The 2-disc collegiate a cappella compilation series keeps getting better and better, and the 2010 edition is truly phenomenal. 38 tracks has the album filled to the brim with some of the best tracks the collegiate ranks have to offer.

Some of your favorite groups are featured again on Voices Only 2010, including NBC's The Sing-Off season one runner-up Tufts Beelzebubs, NBC's The Sing-Off season two contender Oregon On The Rocks, and Northwestern Purple Haze (featuring an arrangement by American Idol's John Park). Additionally, an amazing 15 groups make their Voices Only debut on Voices Only 2010, such as Emory Aural Pleasure, Columbia Nonsequitur, and the first European group to appear on Voices Only - Oxford Out of the Blue.

With songs originally performed by Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood, Owl City, John Mayer, Bjork, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Zero 7, Paramore, Bob Dylan and many more, there is truly something for every music fan on Voices Only 2010. Every genre is covered - top 40, pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, adult contemporary, soft rock, alternative, country, indie, contemporary christian, Hindi, Icelandic, and even an original track!

While we have sold out our stock of Voices Only 2010, it's possible a few copies are still floating around. If you're looking for a copy, check with the groups who appear on the album - perhaps they still have a copy they'd be willing to sell you!

Voices Only 2010 Track List
Disc 1
1. Spotlight Emory Aural Pleasure Spotlight
2. Fireflies University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers Fireflies
3. That's What You Get Maryland Treblemakers Thats
4. The Moment (I Got Lost)* Oregon On The Rocks The
  *From 2011 CARA Award Winner for Best Male Collegiate Album
5. If You're Not The One Michigan Dicks and Janes If
6. Not Giving Up UNC-G Sapphires Not
7. Wine Red RPI Rusty Pipes Wine
8. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right* Tufts Beelzebubs Dont
  *From 2010 CARA Award Winner for Best Male Collegiate Album
9. Battlefield Columbia Nonsequitur Battlefield
10. Jai Ho Middlebury Stuck in the Middle Jai
11. Today Washington University in St. Louis Amateurs Today
12. The Great Escape JMU Exit 245 The
13. The Process Northwestern Purple Haze The
14. Love Today JMU Overtones Love
15. Love On The Rocks Tufts sQ! Love
16. Two Step NC State Grains of Time Two
17. Hyperballad Brown Ursa Minors Hyperballad
18. Comfortable The Boston University BosTones Comfortable
19. Forever University of Wisconsin MadHatters Forever
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Disc 2
1. LoveStoned Oregon State Outspoken Lovestoned
2. Heartless Delaware Ychromes Heartless
3. Last Name Harvard Opportunes Last
4. First Train Home Boston College Bostonians First
5. Awake Northwestern Freshman Fifteen Awake
6. Crushcrushcrush* UNC Loreleis Crushcrushcrush
  *From 2011 CARA Award Winner for Best Female Collegiate Album
7. Check Colorado College The Back Row Check
8. Nude* UNC Clef Hangers Nude
  *2010 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Male Collegiate Song
*From 2010 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Male Collegiate Album
9. I'd Like To University of Chicago Voices In Your Head Id
  *2012 CARA Award Winner for Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement
*2012 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Mixed Collegiate Song
*2012 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Mixed Collegiate Solo
*From 2012 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Mixed Collegiate Album
10. Love It When You Call Oxford Out Of The Blue Love
11. Saving All My Love Binghamton Rhythm Method Saving
12. Hot Air Balloon MIT Chorallaries Hot
13. Let It Die* Tufts Amalgamates Let
  *2010 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement
*From 2012 CARA Award Winner for Best Mixed Collegiate Album
14. Zombie Johns Hopkins Octopodes Zombie
15. Caelum Infinitum Wake Forest Minor Variation Caelum
  *From 2011 CARA Award Runner-Up for Best Religious Album
16. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet Oregon Mind The Gap Headfirst
17. You Found Me UVA Hullabahoos You
18. Come Home JMU The Madison Project Come
19. All These Things That I've Done Boston University In Achord All
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