Voices Only Productions
Mobile A Cappella Recording Studio based in Southern California

Voices Only Productions is your source for low-cost, high-quality a cappella recording in Southern California. We specialize in contemporary a cappella recording with the flexibility to welcome you to our Murrieta-based home studio or travel to your location for convenient mobile recording.

Why should you use Voices Only Productions to record your next project?

Well, besides our downright rip-off low prices, we know what a great recording sounds like and how to get it. During our decades of experience listening, judging and critiquing thousands of a cappella albums while producing the Voices Only collegiate and post-collegiate compilation series, reviewing albums for RARB, and nominating and judging albums for the CARA Awards, we've learned what makes a great recording and what doesn't. We'll work with you prior to your recording sessions to prep for the studio (performing in the studio IS different than performing on stage), during recording to get the best sounding and most emotionally appropriate takes (you need to do more than just hit the right notes), and after recording to help you diagnose and perfect the mixes.

Voices Only 2014
Voices Only 2014 on iTunes
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Voices Only Forte IV
Voices Only Forte IV on iTunes
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