At Voices Only Productions, we pride ourselves on simplifying
the process and making it as easy for you as possible.

Voices Only Productions is a one-stop shop for all your a cappella needs.

ICCA, ICHSA, and Competition refinement

Sure, you could hire one company to arrange your music, another to do your recording, a third to edit the raw tracks, a fourth to mix it all together, and a fifth to put the finishing touches in mastering.

And then you have to deal with 5 different email chains, 5 different invoices, and 5 different payments.

Or you could use Voices Only as a central communications point for handling it all in one swift shot. We do all tracking and editing in-house and send out your music to be mixed and mastered by the best in the business. We'll run interference of communication along the way, and provide an additional set of professional ears on the mixes and masters to give your music that extra boost to ensure we exceed your expectations and wildest dreams.

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