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"Cracked Chains" by Oakland Gold Vibrations
featured on BOCA 2017
featured on Voices Only 2016

"Shut Up and Dance" by Brighton High School Chicappella
featured on BOHSA 2017

"Heartlines" by Michigan Amazin' Blue
featured on Voices Only 2016

"Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" by NYU Vocaholics
featured on Voices Only 2015

"Diet Mountain Dew" by USC Sirens
featured on Voices Only 2014

"Ekundungu" by VMSIX
Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) winner for Best African Album

"Outra Vez" by VMSIX
Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) nominee for Best Religious Song

"I'll Hear Your Voice" by VMSIX
Namibian Annual Music Awards
nominee for Best A Cappella

"Zuva-Ekundungu" by VMSIX
Namibian Annual Music Awards
nominee for Best Gospel

"Getting Back To Basics" by VMSIX
Namibian Annual Music Awards
nominee for Best Group or Duo

"Ekundungu" by VMSIX
Namibian Annual Music Awards
nominee for Best Producer (Corey Slutsky)

"Mykonos" by The Michigan G-Men
featured on BOCA 2013

"Paper:KUT" by Corey Slutsky
featured on Voices Only Forte II

"I See You" by The Michigan G-Men
featured on Voices Only 2012

"What Goes Around.../...Comes Around"
by The Michigan G-Men

featured on Voices Only 2011

"Just For Now" by Cal Poly Take It SLO
featured on Voices Only 2011

"This Love" by the USC SoCal VoCals
featured on Voices Only 2005


"Working with Voices Only Productions was the best choice we could've made for our album! Corey is so easy to work with, and offered extremely valuable insight on how to make our tracks sound as amazing as possible. The quality of the final product went above and beyond our expectations. Corey REALLY knows his stuff and genuinely cares about his clients and their projects. Voices Only saved our CD!"
USC Sirens

"Working with Voices Only was such an incredible experience for our group. Corey quickly got a feel for what sound our group was after, and made it happen for us! He was easy to communicate with, genuinely cared about our product, and did amazing work for us. I'd recommend him to any and every group that's looking to make a masterful album."
University of Michigan Amazin' Blue

"We had such a great experience tracking with Voices Only! Corey is so easy to work with, and his professionalism brought a new level of precision and quality to our sound! Thank you!"
UCLA Signature A Cappella

"There's no question that Corey really knows what he's doing. Not only does he know how to work well with large college groups, he knows what each arrangement or performance needs to sound its best."
USC Troy Tones

"I'm so glad Corey produced our album! His insight and direction has helped our group grow and we will always cherish the time we've had with him. The whole experience has been incredible and I can't imagine working with anyone else."
Emory The Gathering A Cappella

"Corey was excellent in helping us make our performance come alive. He freshened up our arrangement, helped us have fun with us, and injected us with a huge dose of confidence and stage presence. In addition, Corey was able to easily relate to our members on individual levels, boosting many of our members' individual vocal and performance energy."
UCF Crescendudes

"Working with Corey of Voices Only was a wonderful experience. Corey's contribution to this album helped us grow and realize our potential of sounding like an international group. Despite the distance between California and Namibia he added all our great harmony to our music sent via the Internet and it sounded fresh. The production was a wonderful project, and got us a lot of award nominations both nationally and internationally. In the truest sense of words, we have come to trust Corey's work and we are looking forward working with him again."
Vocal Motion Six (VMSIX)

"Corey was extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to bring an a cappella group to their full potential. He made the process enjoyable, and gave us advice and direction that was engaging and will greatly improve our sound."
Cal Poly Take It SLO

"I loved the individualized attention and constructive criticism our group got from people who know a cappella so well and want us to improve."
James Madison University Low Key

"Corey provided great input and ideas to assist us... His expert knowledge and outside opinion helped identify areas where we could improve our performance."
USC Reverse Osmosis

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