We've been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with some of the best talent in the a cappella business. Here is a sampling of some of the groups and people we've worked with and who's music we've worked on, along with some samples of our work:


    The SoCal VoCals (University of Southern California)
    The Michigan G-Men (University of Michigan)
    USC Sirens (University of Southern California)
    Amazin' Blue (University of Michigan)
    Gold Vibrations (Oakland University)
    State of Fifths (Michigan State University)
    Troy Tones (University of Southern California)
    Signature A Cappella (UCLA)
    The Vocaholics (New York University)
    The Gathering A Cappella (Emory University)
    Virginia Gentlemen (University of Virginia)
    Hoos in Treble (University of Virginia)
    Loyola AcaFellas (Loyola University Chicago)
    Pitches and Notes (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    UPenn Keynotes (University of Pennsylvania)
    Take It SLO (Cal Poly University)
    Kol HaKavod (University of Michigan)
    TULA - Tulane University Ladies A Cappella (Tulane University)
    Notetorius (Brighton High School)
    Chicappella (Brighton High School)
    St. Anne's-Belfield School


    Vocal Motion Six
    Melbourne Gospel Choir
    Kenton Chen of Level and The Backbeats
    Rachel Saltzman of Level and The Backbeats
    Hannah Juliano of Vocalosity, Delilah, and Musae
    Jeremy Lister of Street Corner Symphony
    J. Aaron Boykin of Duwende
    Alfredo Austin of The Exchange
    Tony Huerta and Liz Ager of Urban Method
    Nick Girard of The House Jacks and The Magnets
    Amy Whitcomb of Vocalosity, Delilah & The Voice
    Nate Tao of The Funx and American Idol
    Ariel Arbisser of The Funx
    Danielle Withers of Afro-Blue
    Therry Thomas of Committed
    Mike Boxer of Six13
    Michael Odokara-Okigbo
    Tobias Hug


    Ed Boyer A Cappella
    The Vocal Company
    Bill Hare Productions
    diovoce / Vocal Mastering / Dave Sperandio
    Plaid Productions / Alex Green & Alexander Koutzoukis
    Liquid 5th Productions
    The Panic Room, LLC / James Cannon
    James Gammon Productions
    T2 Productions / Tat Tong
    Emerald City Productions / Danny Ozment
    Northgate Productions / Tim Bongiovanni
    Audiogenix / Ben Lieberman
    Five Spice Records / Colin Egan & Marianne Cheng
    Eric Scholz Productions
    Jeff Eames

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